Fearing Death

Why Do You Fear Death? (A message via spirit communication)

Spirit: The soul that just left her body on Earth is somewhat cloistered while reviewing her recent life. Everyone is. It is required to study the physical life just completed. At this time, souls have few visitors. It is like a resting vacation in a way, no great socializing, a more serious vacation intended for study, as if you are going away to a beautiful place like Hawaii, but instead of seeing all the tourist spots, you are going to stay in a particular house near the sea so that you can study something very important to you. There is much time for rest and reflection and introspection.

The Guides who specialize in this reorientation work are there with you, but there is also time alone when required. We who guide you while you are on Earth are not the ones guiding you through the reorienting, but we also do not have to leave you unless you or the Reorientation Guides request us to do so. When we are very good friends the way we all are, of course we stay if you want us to do so. However, in any introspective self-study, there will be times when you will want to sit alone in the meditation forest or on a rock staring at the sea and just think or cry or pray. Even then, if we are not restricted from doing so, and if you are sitting on a rock and you think, “Oh, I need my Guides to be here with me now,” instantly we will be there and take you into our arms and comfort you. All returning souls have to review, and that is a happy and a sad time, because even the happy moments might make you sad when you realize that those loved ones who are still living on Earth are grieving for you. Then sometimes you become sad because you wish you had done things differently. So most of the time, reviewing does have a share of sadness, but…

Learner: It’s a pain, in other words.

Spirit: But remember you are here being surrounded with more Love than you felt during your years on Earth. You are also remembering your abilities to communicate telepathically and to move about with thought. You are learning more about what is here, and the fullness of who you really are. All of this can be a little overwhelming at first. That is why you need to be in a quiet area with a restful attitude. Some do not do this at first. Some are too upset, too confused and unwilling to listen to the Guides, unable to even settle down enough to review for awhile. And some must go immediately into an area of isolation, so they may not review for a thousand Earth years until they are able to hold the vibration necessary for the planes of Light, until they can understand. When they are open to changing their attitude, to allowing the Light into their souls, then they are ready to review.

Spirit: When your physical body dies, the closer you are to the Light, the faster your acclimation to your Home will be. Death is joyous. It is a celebration. It is a rebirth, in fact, a rebirth to your Home. While you are there on Earth, it is as if you were on a trip far away, to somewhere distant and foreign to you right now. If one of you went to Tibet for 75 years and the other one stayed home, the one who left would feel at first strange and out of step, and like they were in a foreign land. But eventually, they would become at home in Tibet, and they would barely remember their home; if they were very young when they arrived in Tibet, they would not even remember their original home at all. Yet to the one who remains in that home, the traveler is always in a foreign land. They know it is not the traveler’s real home, and they miss the traveler and wait anxiously for the traveler to return home. The traveler has occasional stirrings within his soul, but he may not recognize them as being signs of how much he misses his real Home.

There is a Christmas song you know that says, “There’s no place like home for the holidays, no matter how far and wide you roam.” Well, it is the same with death. There is no place like Heaven, because it alone is your true Home. Why do you fear coming home to your one and only true Home? No one should fear death of the physical body if they walk in the Light.

There is more Love here in Heaven in a stranger’s handshake than in the hugs of many on Earth who claim friendship. When you die to your Earth life, you are being welcomed again in Love and Joy by all those you love who are here. Soon after, you will also be able to return briefly to Earth in order be with those who are still there. You’ll be able to visit them in their sleep and remain there with them a little while. While they sleep, you will be able to greet them in their dreams. So focus on Love, and fear not. We are always with you to bring you God’s love. When your physical body has finished its life, we are there beside you to bring you Home -sometimes for a huge surprise party, and sometimes for a celebration planned well in advance, one that you are expecting. But for those who love God, it is always a festive occasion to return Home.

Spirit: When you die, if you are very sick, you may be unconscious or semi-conscious on Earth, or your thinking may not be clear. In those cases, death is like waking up from a confusing dream and suddenly having a clear head and being able to think easily and quickly and suddenly feeling very well. Or you may be very tired still and need to rest in a hospital for awhile. Some people who are not aware of God or the tremendous love of God may be very confused at first about where they are and they, too, will go to hospital. But if it is someone who is aware of the reality of life after physical death, they will quickly know where they are and why, and who is there to meet them.

Spirit: Coming Home through the Light simply puts you in the position to receive help in reorienting to your true Home here. It does not dispel every Earthly concern or connection or emotion. You do that yourself as you receive the help of your Guides and seek to understand. If you do not seek understanding and growth, you are kind of hindered and stuck until you unburden yourself from that life. You can hang around and do virtually nothing for eons, and as long as you are not interfering with others, you won’t be interfered with, either – but you also won’t grow.