Death and Dying

Fearing Death

There are as many variations in death experiences as there are people.

The angels, with whom I deliberately partner for my practice, explain that we each have our personal, as well as our shared experience of dying. The commonalities are based on how we see ourselves in the world: our beliefs – religious and non-religious, what we anticipate will happen when we die, and the refusal or acceptance of our very personal death.

Just as some of us jump into everyday life experiences with aplomb, others, in dying, “hold on for dear life.” Interesting how our vernacular speaks to us.

Normal Death Experiences:

• Your personal old-age death experience, depends upon your resistance or lack of it. When you know intuitively that the best in your physical life is over, and that your continuation of life in spirit form is much easier, you can leave your body on the table, the bed, the floor, in a minute. It is your willingness that allows your spirit to release your body easily along with your pre-programmed check-out time.

• Unknowingly, many of us create life-threatening disease. Debilitating illness allows us to die in slow motion. Surrounded by our loved ones, and caretakers, often we allow ourselves to feel safe enough to accept the love we were unable to receive before, and to learn to love in return. A slow death can also be about the people who are with us, who have, again unknowingly, chosen to experience the lesson of loving, forgiving, and letting go.

• Some of us have the apparent misfortune to be in a painful body. Nothing keeps us more closely connected to earth than pain, which won’t allow us to think of much else. Pain reminds us incessantly that we are in physical form. In this state we cry to die, forgetting that before we lived in this body, we begged to be in alive on earth for the experience of sharing our quantum of knowledge to change the world. What is difficult to see when it’s your body wracked with pain, is that loving you teaches others compassion.

• There are those of us who are much involved with our friends and family on earth and don’t want to leave them behind. Either we ourselves, our mates or progeny are holding on tightly to us, or we to them, even if we are overdue in leaving our physical bodies.

• Those with scientific, logical minds might hold onto life longer than necessary because we don’t have a viable explanation of life without a body. The void can loom large.

• And what about the litmus “test” of goodness? Will we be accepted by our chosen religious leader? Will He turn us away? We tend to judge ourselves and others as we have been taught.

The dying process is a time to clear our emotional “slate” by sharing our love through forgiveness that was difficult to maintain in everyday life.

Some of us look at life on earth, as being less than life in spirit form. If only we knew the truth, we might change our viewpoint. The angels share that the all-encompassing love that we experience in our dead life, is what we come back to earth to manifest in our human life. Shh! Don’t tell. There are way too many spiritual people who think this is their last trip.